I believe that it is important to actively engage in your own local community and try to overcome existing challenges through cooperation. In my city of Tampere I do this as the Vice Chair of the Committee for Education, Competence and Economic Development Services and in the Board of Directors for the City Hospital. In our global world it is essential also to understand how politics and economy function. I studied abroad in Sciences Po Paris and London School of Economics to learn about the theory, and now I work at the Finnish Embassy in Beijing following the Chinese economy and society to master the practice. I have realized while living in seven countries that every human being needs security and safety above all other things. I wanted to do my share and served as an EU and UN peacekeeper next to Darfur in Eastern Chad. All this has allowed me to do fascinating tasks such as being the first person in the world to address representatives of 195 countries at the UNESCO Commission on Education on behalf of the world’s youth.