“Miika Tomi is an intelligent and active young person, who is very cabable of participating in the public debate about the current state of the society. I have learned to know Miika as a trustworthy and competent character, who has his vision set firmly into the future.”

-Timo P. Nieminen, Mayor of Tampere

“Miika is not only a dear friend, but simply one of the best young up and coming leaders I have met in my years of work in different continents. He is a visionary, with a genuine purpose for what he hopes to achieve in politics, and also has exceptional practical and leadership skills to make an impact.”

-Steven Wang, Rhodes Scholar at University of Oxford

“Miika Tomi is a very internationally minded person. He has had an extraordinary interest towards the society since an early age. He makes a great UNESCO Youth Delegate for Finland.”

-Arto Satonen, Member of the Finnish Parliament, Chairperson of the Transport and
Communications Committee


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